20 March, 2013

Sound Byte

...you're running every red light/...just relax/safer if we'd hitch-hiked/...give me some slack/Missed a turn a mile back/..alright, where's the map/you know, you could be right/you know, you could be right ....

So I'm teaching Fluffy to drive (I know, right?!) and I let him drive to the Camden Yards light rail station. We talked about the possibility of a processing delay, the time it takes for the words coming out of my mouth to turn into some corrective action by his hands or feet. He agreed that maybe an additional second would be helpful. He's gaining confidence, but is not all that motivated to Get His License. I have weirdly mixed feelings about that. I mean, at 18  (I KNOW, right?) he really ought to have his 'real' license, not a nine month old learner's permit, but he also ought to have had Driver's Ed, which he hasn't.  Myself, I drove for a year and a half on an expired learner's permit, despite having completed Driver's Ed. Well, whatever. If my boy needs Mama to drive him places awhile longer, I'm okay with that.

Anyway, we got to the light rail stop, and I got out of the car, hugged Fluffy and said, "Good job. A little sloppy, but you didn't scare me at all." He patted me and said, "Thanks! That's good, uh, I mean, Oh, Damn. I'll do better next time."

Waitresses, It's My Car