28 September, 2007

Wait, What?

...it's a mystery, wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in bacon...mmmm, bacon....

Embarrassing: Having the theme to 'Knight Rider' as your ringtone.

More embarrassing: NOT having the theme to 'Knight Rider' as your ringtone, but recognizing it anyway.

Those of you who have not yet had your annual Mimi fix need to hustle your butts. We have four weekends left. Lurk is in China for the next two weekends, but Hilby arrives tomorrow, and Lurk returns for the final two. Rumor has it that Puke and Snot will appear. The Arial Angels have landed, but so far the patrons remain safe.

The weather continues to be spectacular. I'll see you on site. You won't need me to wear a red carnation; I think you'll manage to recognize me.

24 September, 2007

Monday List

...talking without speaking/ people hearing without listening...

I guess he went quietly.
Any last words?
Let us observe a moment of silence.
He had been looking pale.
Old age: the silent killer.
That's one box he won't escape.

(Sounds of Silence; Simon & Garfunkel)

10 September, 2007

Monday List

broken glass
torn Trojans box, empty
carved wooden staff
safety pins
slightly soiled washcloth
room service card
a single sock
year old Hustler magazine
a dirty diaper
Agatha Christie's Murder In Three Acts in Russian
nine pages of floor plans
white T-shirt, size large
a Google map to Georgetown
three phone numbers with no identifiers
mouse droppings
orange stuffed toy
two condom wrappers
loose plaster
catering director's business card
an empty envelope
chained doors
package of cotton balls
milk crates

06 September, 2007

More Delicious

...See the sky in front of you/ and her face is like a sail/ speck of white so fair and pale...

More narcissism follows; I suggest quite strongly that you cease viewing this post immediately.

Originally uploaded by wkk_1999

Out of the Box on the grounds, heading to the Wine Garden. (Mmm, wine.)

arm to the sky
Originally uploaded by Morningstar1369

Huge flowers, small children, and a patron.

judging eyes
Originally uploaded by Morningstar1369


Originally uploaded by Morningstar1369

Manoevering through the throng in the Engineering Nightmare.

Originally uploaded by wastrel

Observe the hugeness.

Again, major props to the photogs who visit Faire and shoot us, posting colorful carnage on Flickr. The Engineering Nightmare has been captured. Reactions welcome.

(She's A Rainbow; The Rolling Stones)