18 May, 2007

No Answers

...why do we never get an answer/ when we're knocking at the door?/ with a thousand million questions....

...because no one asked anything. I'll repeat my offer to answer questions from the peanut gallery comments forum, and I'll leave this open awhile, as I've three or four writing projects, all with deadlines before month's end; the chances of an actual meaningful post are slim.

(Primarily Decorative does realize that some of you are tempted to point out that here at CrushWorld, chances of actual meaningful posts are always slim. She thanks you for not doing so.)

If your question is RenFest related, please indicate whether you'd like Cybele's perspective or Mimi's, because they're different. Usually.

I'll answer most anything, including questions about laden and unladen swallows. I'm a writer AND an improv artist.

Obviously, making up shit is my specialty.

(Question; Moody Blues)

11 May, 2007

Thematic Variations

...turn me on I'm Mister Coffee with an automatic drip/ so show me yours I'll show you mine "Tool Time" you'll Lovett just like Lyle/and then we'll do it doggy style so we can both watch "X-Files"....

"Hope you're ready to put out."

Uh, yeah.

"Sorry, that wasn't really romantic, was it?"

Oh, are you kidding? I bought the T-shirt.

(Snickering.)"You what?"

Seriously. My T-shirt? Says 'Ready To Put Out' right across my chest.

(More snickering.)

Not that I'll be wearing it long.


Check out this lovely shirt. Sigh. So true.


"What time is it?"

You mean now?


Ten thirty-five.

"Fuck. I gotta go."

Kids, don't say 'fuck' in front of your father.


(The Bad Touch; Bloodhound Gang)

09 May, 2007

Wednesday? Aaaaack!

...someday Mother will die and I'll get the money....


Life is like a box of metaphors. A pile of used auto parts from different eras. A timeline that folds back upon itself. The medical chart of a vampire zombie.

I think the word abbreviate is too long. It should be shorter.

I have decided to call words that function as both nouns and verbs 'action nouns'. It is in all ways preferable to the suggested sniglet 'nerbs'.

Also, palindrome is wrong. I suggest 'palinodonilap' as an upgrade. Plus it's got an audio that brings a creepy visual of two celebrities who NEVER should even be in the same sentence engaging in a sex act.

It's kind of surreal to listen to Apollo 18 on Random. The 'Fingertips' track was recorded as a handful of separate tracks. Twenty-one, actually. That's, what? four handfuls? (If you're Count Rueger.)

I might be up to doing Wednesday Links by next week. Maybe.

In the meantime, I will create an Answers Post, if anyone has Questions.

For those of you who prefer actual content, please read The Political Animal. Because he loves me, there's a Nixon reference. I mean, a Nixin reference.

(I Palindrome I; TMBG)

04 May, 2007

Belated Wednesday

...Quale occhio al mondo può star di paro all'ardente occhio tuo nero?....

Don't ask. Just go.


"Hey! Weren't you, didn't you, I saw you at Spotlighter's!"

Oh. In the...

"The murder mystery, the Do Or Die. You were the, the, the..."

The stammering lawyer?

"Yeah! You were a riot!"

I go as a patron, and am pegged for a player.

New comic, Dirt Farm.

Not so comic: There was a very funny image of Our Current Leader with some lights shining behind his head, looking like an empty thought balloon. It was a thumbnail of this photo. You see what I mean.

It's not socks on a rooster. It's shoes on a guide horse.

And a big thank you to Jon, for sharing LOLTrek.

(Tosca; Giacomo Puccini)

03 May, 2007

Of Interest (?)

I met a person yesterday with half a brain.*

I was guest poet/lecturer in a high school Creative Writing class today, and quite enjoyed it. We wrote poetry from the point of view of a pair of terrariumed frogs, and on the theme of velvet jackhammer. Not simultaneously. We believe we may have invented the word "dupioniance".

A billboard for ING reads: "We promise our high interest won't sneak off to Indianapolis."**

*Literally. She's doing better than a lot of folk I know who began life with the full complement.

**Only in Baltimore, where none of the Ravens players have any past or current affiliation with the city, where none of the players on either team ever played for the Baltimore Colts, or in fact, were even born in 1984, but where the inhabitants have memories huger than their hairstyles and hold grudges as naturally as crab mallets, could this quip have any sort of relevance whatever.