18 September, 2003

Wednesday, 17 September

Hurricane Approaches

Call me crazy, but I am desperately trying to find a way to get to the beach tomorrow. I want to watch what the storm does to the beach town, to the sea. I want to see the surf churning, the sky heaving, the wind whipping the water into vertical fountains from the depths of the ocean.

Partly it's because I like storms, and partly it's research for my next play, Posthumous Cafe, which is set at the beach, and partly it's because I love the beach always, not just in beautiful weather.

Most people around here try to talk me out of it, warning me of danger, but I_am_a_dangerous_person! I do not want to live if I'm living in fear. I want to be RIGHT THERE, where the action is, every moment an adventure, taking life by the horns, etc. The kids are in tears, worried about my safety, and that does make me feel badly. Well, I'll see what the morning brings, and plan my travel accordingly.

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