23 November, 2004

Pervasive Grey

...I met a girl who sang the blues/ And I asked her for some happy news/ But she just smiled and turned away.....

It's an introspective day. The world is a quiet shade of grey. Sound is muffled by airborne moisture. Today, I forage at the grocery, for I do not wish to be among the humans tomorrow. I will see my in-laws on Thursday, and be with my mother and sister on Friday. I will think of my father, and perhaps speak to him.

My ex-partner will be elsewhere. He wouldn't say.

I think only Hawk understands how I feel about Jay.

It's an introspective day, a day for projects, and I have no shortage of those. A script for my class, the MWA newsletter, Posthumous Cafe, and the latest thing to nudge my brain, the Francis Scott Key script.

It's an introspective day, when news that hits my ears makes me shake my head. Humans are so stupid. Here's the Wisconsin Tree Stand Story.

(American Pie; Don McLean)

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