05 December, 2004

Oh. Yes?

...it's a mystery, wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in bacon...mmmmmmm....

And there are days when things happen that make you say FUCK! Very loudly, over and over again. And this may cause you to suspect that things happen so that you have something interesting to write about. To which I say, with all due volume, fuck!

And resist.

Now returning to the regularly scheduled format of "overly arty."

I find myself among the hot, the hip, the happening, the urban and the urbane, and (perhaps) the german and the germaine. I am at AVAM for the ---something that's called something far, far more hip than 'craft show'---- and the scent of freshly prepared vegan food wafts into my nostrils as I fondle a elegantly priced scarf.


The moon grins back at me, without the cat that left it.


Soft, he lays a hand on my shoulder. I am startled by the contact, and oddly pleased.

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