18 February, 2005

Naked Truth

...better have you naked by the end of this song....

In the moment between naked and not-naked, there are decisions to be made.

Whether it is preferable to nod to modesty, and hold ones nakedness to oneself with a roomy robe, toga or other loose gown, or to preserve the illusion of nakedness by donning the bare minimum of required garments, leaving exposed as much flesh as possible.

In the first instance, one appears to be fully dressed, but in reality is naked but for one simple cloth covering. In the second, one appears to be mostly nude, but the truth is that nakedness is smothered by even bikini-sized scraps.

And naked itself is something many of us rarely see but for in the shower.

Not even then if we neglect to remove body ornaments.

Go forth and be naked.

(Rock Your Body; Justin Timberlake)

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