26 September, 2005

Not Dead

...I want something else/ to get me through this....

My actual life crowds out my virtual one, by virtue of being actual.

Actually, not having a computer at home is a serious handicap.

In other news, the Maryland Renaissance Festival has enjoyed wonderful weather. You have four more weekends in which to partake of the magical environment we spend most of a year creating.

In other other news, the IRS in its infinite wisdom has decided it owes me more money than I had calculated on my (late) tax return. Who am I to argue with the IRS?

This is good news in that it permits me to plan a trip to buy an iBook at the Apple store.

Not because an Apple is necessarily better. But I've been hating the Microsoft operating system for a bunch of years now, and I'd like the opportunity to hate something different.

Like Mae West, when choosing between two evils, I always like to try the one I haven't tried before.

(Semi-Charmed Kind Of Life; Third Eye Blind)

1 comment:

Des said...

When you want some software help or moral support, the Resident Apple Guy here is at your disposal... :)