20 February, 2007

Silent Squeeze

...sweeter than wine/ softer than a summer's night....

I stand above his prone body. The mirrored lenses obscure whether he is watching me or asleep. His face gives no clue either way. I have no idea what's on my own face, but I doubt that it is as still as his. I step over him and am abruptly beside him- he's seized my wrist to pull me down to sit. He wraps his right arm around my waist and pulls me snugly against his left hip. Tucking his chin over my right shoulder, he keeps me still, as if I could move, with my right arm pinned to my side and my left wrist still circled by his fingers. As if I wanted to move. I lean my head sideways against his, and we sit, wordless, breathing together, until our moment is interrupted by the presence of another person. He releases me gently, and we look at each other for two heartbeats, then I rise.

(This Magic Moment; The Drifters)


Michael said...


Does your husband know about this guy? ;)

Cybele said...

The answer to THAT question deserves its own post.