30 March, 2007

Dorkiness Mitigated

...We went to the Phillie Pizza Company/ And ordered some hot tea/ The waitress said "Well no/ We only have it iced"/ So we jumped up on the table/ And shouted "anarchy"....

(Or, How To Go On Your First Date.)

1. Meet people of the gender you prefer.

2. Work on mutual projects once or twice.

She sits on the sofa, squashed between the arm and a cute blonde girl, who is squashed between a brunette and her own mother. He approaches, sits on the arm of the sofa.

3. Make sure your mother knows who you like.

4. Make sure your mother likes the other kid's mother.

She turns her face up to look at him, and says, "Hey! We should see a movie sometime!"

5. Casually say, "we should see a movie sometime," in the hearing of at least one of the mothers.

"TMNT?" he responds. "Totally!" she agrees, holding out a fist. He bumps it with his own fist in a gesture that Michael assures us is known as a "dap."

6. Hope that the mothers will take the hint.

I look at the brunette's mother and we waggle eyebrows at one another. We coordinate our calanders in the kitchen a short time later.

7. Rejoyce and have a fabulous time when they come through.

(Punk Rock Girl; Dead Milkmen)

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