11 August, 2007

Introducing.... Zizi!

"You don't play Tic-Tack-Toe with the king anymore," That Girl observed.

No. I don't. Probably I never will.

"Why not?"

It was my special thing with Bill. Mimi played the game with the king, but not any king, just THAT one.

This weekend, August 11th and 12th, is Opening Weekend at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Festival. Mimi will perform her Silent Stories show:

Mimi the Mime - The child within understands exactly what Mimi is telling us as we wonder in amazement at the hysterical antics of this marvelous wordless storyteller! Avalon Hill Kid's Kyngdom at 12:30, 2:00 and 3:30.

(For the record, I did NOT write that copy.)

Special bonus, around the Shire:


and Zizi.

(Test shot from early makeup session.)

(Shot on the occasion of Zizi's debut.)

Our beloved Gigi

has gone travelling, and so Zizi has joined us. Everyone will love her. I demand it.

The entire troupe, Mimi & Max, Lili, and now Zizi
11950 Procession of the Stilts Lady

will perform at the Maryland Renaissance Festival, which opens on the 25th of August. See you then!

11908 Bubble

(I will not be wearing a red carnation. I will, however, be wearing- you guessed it- Mimi Pink.)

* My thanks to all of the fabulous photographers who make us look so good.

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Inanna said...

And I love them all and hope to see them in full regale. Hope your recent troubles have lifted and the sun is shining in full force, without the extreme heat. Peach loves you.