23 November, 2007

Novel Approach

...do what they say, say what you mean, one thing leads to another...

As I finish at the gas station, a man approaches.

Accustomed as I am to my 'hood, I assume he is going to ask me for change that he will pretend is for bus fare. I get in my car before he does more than open his mouth. I turn the ignition switch, preparing to exit. He gets into his car, starts the engine, pulls away from the curb. He looks out his open window.

Oh. Maybe he's not a panhandler. Maybe he wanted directions. I unroll my window.


"Oh, miss, I was jus' gonna ax, are you single?"

(What? You have got to be kidding me. I haven't combed my hair today, and I'm not wearing makeup.)

I shake my head.

Not for twenty years.

"Oh. Oh! Cuz I wuz, I wuz, gonna take you to the mooovies."

Were ya now.

Sorry. Thanks, though. I drive away.

I appreciate the straightforward directness. Saves time and confusion.

(One Thing Leads to Another; The Fixx)


Inanna said...

I've seen you when your hair isn't combed and you aren't wearing make-up and I would still ask you out. Beauty like that can't be disguised.

Michael said...

Too bad a beauty like you ain't single, 'cuz he'z a smooth smoooooothie.

Cybele said...

Mmmhm, yep, 'swutamtalkinabout.