24 July, 2008

Provocative Plates

...clothes she wears, the sexy ways/ make an old man wish for younger days/ she knows she’s built and knows how to please....

The expensive import bears a tag reading GR8FRMS, which makes me wonder:

Plastic Surgeon?
Tax Accountant?

It's a conservative blue color, so I'm betting on Tax Accountant.

In other news, KEEPING FAITH was reviewed in the Sun by Mary Johnson, reprinted in part as follows:

For the second consecutive year, CAC is offering a work by Mark Scharf, one of this area's foremost playwrights with over 40 plays produced and a former three-term chairman of the festival.

Keeping Faith is his first attempt at writing a full-length comedy, an endeavor he succeeds in by creating overly protective, anger-driven parents bungling an attempt to abduct their 18-year-old daughter on the eve of her wedding to a man more than twice her age.

Scharf has expert assistance from CAC veteran comedy director C.J. Crowe and her four-person cast, each skilled at projecting human frailties to coax our chuckles of recognition.

I will be performing as Mimi during Youth Camp Day at PARF next week, as well as their Opening Weekend of August 9&10. Already? Sheeeee-yit. I'll be performing Silent Stories, something I no longer do in Maryland, so if that was a favorite of yours (or if you've never seen it and want to), please come and enjoy. I'd wear a red carnation so you'll know me, but it would wilt in the heat.

(Brick House; Lionel Richie)

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Michael said...

Reminds me of a license plate I saw here, something like WRXWCLAY

Works with clay?

Sculptor, or agent to American Idol runner up Clay Aiken? Remember, this is LA...