03 October, 2008

You Betcha!

...Texas always seemed so big/ but you know you're in the largest state in the union/ when you're anchored down in Anchorage....

So my nutty neighbor wanders over, drunk, (a common state), and in the course of asking me to look after things a bit around his house- finally he remembered about the cat- suggested I would be "just a fucking riot" as Sarah Palin.

I wasn't sure whether to be flattered or offended. I pointed out that Tina Fey seems to have that pretty well covered already. I've been compared to Sandra Bullock, any number of 'models' of My First Sex Teacher, (no, you do NOT get an url), and "that girl on Just Shoot Me", who has a name; it's Laura SanGiacomo.

There is limited gain in resembling minor stars, especially ones who are not currently "hot". I'm not sure there's even much of a market for AngelinaJolie-alikes, and she is certainly the definition of HOTT. Yes, with two Ts. TomCruise-alikes, though, have been popular for three decades. Since I don't sing, Marilyn was never an option, and I'm not quite, uh, generous enough for Mae West. I've been Betsy Ross, however: even ancient, fictitious politics are big business. My pal who plays FDR gets some play with that, plus his Nixon's always popular; my friend Jim has earned a lot of money portraying a president whose policies he can't admire- at least, not if he wants to retain the title of 'actor'- and a girlfriend of mine was briefly rolling in it- "I coulda bought a car," because she resembled Monica Lewinsky.

So, Sarah Palin? And me?

It could be the beginning of a profitable relationship.

If I can get past the research.

(Anchored Down In Anchorage; Michelle Shocked)


Inanna said...

The only resemblance between you and Laura SanGiacomo is your widow's peak and dark hair. Otherwise, you're much, much prettier.

Sarah? I don't see it and I'm not sure I want to.

Cybele said...

You're a doll to think so... I see some similarity in our brows and noses, though I'm positive I have a better mouth.

And as far as Sarah goes, with any luck there will only be a market for her for another couple of weeks anyway. Besides, why shouldn't I make a little money if I can? I've been the big-haired Jersey-mouthed trashy next-door neighbor for FREE.

Oh, wait; that wasn't acting. Hrm.