04 November, 2008

RE: Election

...freedom's day has still to dawn, we've never yet lost heart!/ we'll fight it out until the end - we'll fight for we cannot fail/ we know we'll win although they have our lads in Crumlin jail....

Dear John,

We applaud your efforts on the behalf of the Republican party. But, dude, it's not as if you ever really had a shot. Eight years of national economic rape makes Conservatives look bad and the chances of a Republican for a third term in a row pretty slim anyway, but then you have to go up against someone young, good-looking, and articulate. Man, can that guy put together a sentence. It's completely true that he comes off as rational, while you sputter and fume like a cartoon character. Some people even compare him to JFK, and you know what a bunch of slavering idiots Americans were over that overeducated prettyboy.

So, anyway, just wanted to say don't be too bummed about this, and we appreciate you taking one for the team.


The Republican Party

(Irish Republican Prison Song; The Wolf Tones)

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Inanna said...

Too bad I thought more of him AFTER his concession speech and not before.