02 February, 2009

The Problem

...a shoe thrown at me from a mean old man/ get my dinner from a garbage can....

"The problem with television lately- one of the problems- is that I never know whether I'm watching an ad for a restaurant or if it's a cat food commercial." -- Me, the other day.

They paid three mil for a slot, and were largely lame. Superbowl commercials ain't what they used to be. The only one I liked: Maybe You Should Get A Dog.

Remember the cat-herding one? That was great. Except: what the hell were they advertising? What company? Does it even exist anymore?

But if I say "Chow-chow-chow", you KNOW what I'm talking about, the brand and everything. And that was just some forward-backward-forward footage.

How much did THAT shit cost, huh?

No three mil, shah.

(Stray Cat Strut; Stray Cats)

1 comment:

Inanna said...

LOL! its probably a cat food commercial!