19 January, 2011

Recent Haiku

...though I respect that a lot/ I'd be fired if that were my job/ after killing Jason off and countless screaming Argonauts....

Whole couch here, but cat
keeps scootching to lie upon
my cashmere sweater.
(Jan. 19)

Feral clowder in
backyard. Tender heart child is
Feeding Goddess. Mrow!
(Jan. 17)

distill my life in-
to two pages; will I fit?
vicious resume.
(Jan. 8)

Toothpaste cap beneath
our Christmas tree- wonder,
but then: Pounce! the cat.
(Dec. 28)

Solstice eclipse of
the moon, wow! Clear, cold; the dogs
have called it a night.
(Dec. 21)

Tires hum, ponder
weather, traffic, bowling ball
on the highway. What?
(Dec. 14)

(They Might Be Giants; Birdhouse In Your Soul)

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