22 July, 2011

Giant Turtle?

...where the sea was smooth as glass/ giving you one answer to a question/ that you never thought you'd ask....

"There's this movie from the 70s I'm trying to remember,"

and no one can ever remember what the movie is called. Despite having researched it a couple of times, I'm evidently resistant to owning it, or remembering the title. I wonder what that says about the title. Or me.

My cartoonist comic-book geeky pal, whose recent article provoked my musing to begin with 'solved' the mystery for me, which was interesting but not right.

What I remember is two little kids and a turtle, and then some town terrorized by an unseen monster which turns out to be a giant turtle. A Google search reveals that there are many searchers like myself, and despite only knowing 2 actual humans who ever saw it, (only one of whom remembers the title), evidently lots of people saw this and were/have been bothered/haunted by it for 30 years.

The search is 'giant turtle movie from the 70s' and RPG has a surprising yield of answers.

One searcher describes a scene later in the movie, on badmovies.net

This one describes a bit in the movie that I don't remember being there, but of course that's not what really bothers me.

I can't get past the misplaced apostrophe.

(Fleetwood Mac; Bermuda Triangle)

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