04 August, 2011

Summer, Suddenly

...then it happened/ it took me by surprise/ I knew that you felt it too/ by the look in your eyes....

It wasn't that the car was pulled up to the kerb, blocking foot and cart traffic as shoppers exited the market.

It wasn't that the windows were wide open while the stereo emitted incomprehensible bleating voices and the rhythmic backbeat of what I believe is called R & B.

It wasn't that the car sagged on the occupied driver's side presumably with the not-inconsiderable weight of the driver.

I could've ignored any one of those.

Taken together, though, and coupled with the fact that the driver was leaning forward towards the vanity mirror, actually plucking the hairs from her chin with a pair of tweezers, aroused a sudden, overwhelming horror of Life As I Know It and reduced me to a walking mass of revulsion against Mankind.

Sometimes these things happen rather suddenly.

(The Drifters; This Magic Moment)

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