10 December, 2003

Unreasonable Panic

Which implies that there may be such a thing as Reasonable Panic, which I will neither argue nor refute at this time.

I am here to whine, and yes, I WOULD like cheese with that.

I got a comment on something I posted to Lit.org (go ahead, try, maybe it will work now), and was gutshot suckerpunched when I got an error message of "this account has expired, please see accounts payable." WHAT????

No, no, don't take from me my newly found community (albeit virtual, remote, nearly fictional, and even at that, tiny) and my forum for new material, and a favored reading spot as well, no, not that! And I can't see my comment, only that Penelope posted it. Penelope, who is wise and literate and prolific and Canadian, if none of that contradicts.

Well, I will be patient (I can be, given the right frame of mind) and hope that it sorts itself out. In part, I hope so because I have an unfinished poem on my Lit.org blog, and I'd like the chance to recover it and make it into something, rather than have it lost in the netherworld of cyberspace.

In the meantime, I stumbled across a blog entitled this is not my beautiful house, which appeals to me on so many levels. Next, the requisite visit to Belle du Jour. And here I am.

Enter whining.

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