06 October, 2004

Tickled Pink

...tripping down the streets of the city/ Smiling at everybody she sees/ Who's reaching out to capture a moment....

Have you ever been in such a good mood that you wanted to share it with everyone? Today's blue-sky feelgood makes me just a teensy bit sad, because there are a lot of people who refuse to participate in this kind of joy. I don’t understand that.

Someone who does understand the desire to share love and joy whenever possible because people, especially the surly ones, need it, is my new friend, Julia. She uses the uber-scientific term "woo-woo stuff" and refers me to James Twyman’s website, where I don’t find the information I seek, but after Googling a few keywords I find Doreen Virtue has what I’m after. No surprise there.

What IS surprising is that John Kerry evidently "won" the first debate, not that I watched. I don’t like lying politicians, which they all are, so That Girl and I watched Pleasantville and gave each other pedicures instead. Kerry’s superiority of performance was apparent even to such partisan voters as Texas Jack, though I imagine he’ll still vote for GWB.

Two of my favorite people who will NOT be voting for GWB expound on the debates in their respective inimitable styles. My beloved Political Animal, whose column opens with- yaay!- a Nixon reference, is more than terse, less than verbose, while Tim Kreider gives John Kerry his own handwriting in the cartoon. Tim, by the way, has released a new book, and has a T-shirt we all should own. Buy them in support of Democracy As We Would Like It To Be. While you're at it, check out Votergasm.org, brought to you courtesy of Fleece.

This weekend showed me a number of kindnesses: a friend, playing his handmade grinder organ as we stilted by; a well worn silver medallion given to me by a craftsperson who remembers watching me learn to eat fire; John acquiring a leather jacket with the intent to create a fabulous doublet for Fluffy, who he's turning into Junior Swordfight Boy (in new secondhand boots, Fluff has been swashing and buckling all week) and Martin, downloading (or uploading? Steve told me the difference once, but having Insufficient Memory At This Time, I’ve forgotten) the Mozilla browser on my computer. "See if it’s faster for you." It is. I recommend it highly.

Martin I also recommend highly. When speaking of Lurk, it’s inconceivable to do otherwise.

(Windy; The Association)

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