23 January, 2005

Shameless Consumerism

...I see London, I see France....

A small dog bouncing at the end of its leash is silly. A large dog, say for example- I’ll pick a breed at random- a Golden Retriever, doing the same thing, leaps over silly, dashes through ridiculous, dodges in and out of absurd and straight into surreal.

Fog carries the high pitched mechanical whine of a distant coal conveyor.

---We interrupt our regularly scheduled format of 'all art, all the time' to bring you a few moments of crass commercialism.---

No one who knows me is the least bit surprised to find me Googling La Perla after this past episode of CSI.

The garbage truck honks. From the bed, a bleary voice. "Can they get through?"


"The garbage truck, it's, it's honking."

Oh. Sorry, my fault. I waved to the garbage men when I took out the trash.

Bleary eyes survey me.

"No wonder, in your stretch knit whatevers and THOSE BOOTS."

These boots?

(Aside: My sister: "I like your boots."

OF COURSE you like my boots. They're Chinese Laundry.

Sister: "OF COURSE they're Chinese Laundry.")

Shut up. They were on sale.

(Traditional children's taunt)

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