12 January, 2005

Tardy Fink

...simple things you say are all complicated/ I look pretty young, but I'm just backdated...

In a dream, he appears at my door, needing a place to call home. He embraces Hawk first. I look outside to see how much baggage he's brought. Presumably all of it. It's so vivid that in the morning, I ask Hawk if it would be okay. In the dream what he said was, "Come in. Stay as long as you need to." He looks at me strangely, and says, "if you think you could handle that weird dynamic, I've got no problems with it."

I miss him a great deal, as I miss all laughter-inducing folk who suddenly disappear for one reason or another. I'll feel better once I hear from him.

The air smells like Christmas lately, crisp and sharp, piney with a hint of apples and woodsmoke. I catch a whiff of what might be snow, but it's not quite cold enough.

I careen through winter landscape, surprised at saturation of color. The silver, grey and charcoal, the ash and walnut and sienna, the powdery blue of afternoon winter sky, the deep marine of dusk. The colors remind me of a painting I loved at the art center, titled Upstate in Autumn, which reminded me of a marshy place I'd been in early summer, canoeing, which reminded me of girlscout days and sunburned thighs and shoulders.

I'm enjoying this winter as I've never enjoyed winter before, which, to be honest, isn't saying much.

This from Sidra's Site of Doom. 90% Summer, leaving 10% everything else, which averages out to, what, 3 and 1/3% each? Now, is anyone surprised? Ordinarily, I wouldn't include this, but as the picture downloaded, I was stunned to see my friend the phoenix. 'Nuff said.

You scored as Summer. You are SUMMER. Life is to be -lived-.. dance, sing, and make merry. Adversity is simply something to overcome. You embrace life with both arms, not only because you love it, but to squeeze out of it all that you can.









What Season Are You?
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It's been awhile, so I suppose links are in order.

I'm tickled to pieces that Robert is back online. I particularly love the way he describes my blog: "Juicy Intuition. Wrapped up in threads of chaos." Yeah, what he said.

And in news that probably interests no one but me, I think I know both of these jugglers.

I also know another juggler, Dan, or I used to, back when he was cool. Okay, he makes more money now, but doesn't "I juggle shirtless at the Ren Fest" sound cooler than "I'm a juggling motivational speaker"?

The lovely EuroTrash discusses cannabis, and in her comments, some intelligent fellow has this to say:

I think that it is TOTALLY reprehensible of you to make out that illegal drugs are in any way positive. The governament and charities spend a lot of time and money on treating drug addicts and it does them no good when views like this are aired. Why not tell the millions of cannabis addicts in this country that it's OK to be stoned all day?
I'll tell you what... come to a drug rehabilitation unit with me and then see if you still laugh at the efffects of cannabis?
And one last thing... ANYONE who gives drugs to schoolkids is evil. I don't believe in the death penalty, but if I did, these evil characters should get it.
However, I don't suppose you'l bother replying to this as you'll be too stoned.

Posted by Luke at 3:35 am on 01.12.05

and then this:

All you others who think cannabis smoking is good, you should get out more and try to enjoy life AS IT HAPPENS.. not through some distorted looking glass.
As well as the damage you're doing to your minds, and your lungs (yes.. smoking gives you cancer, not cigarettes specifically), think about the damage you're doing to your loved ones as you descend into addiction.
HEY! Wake up people.

Waaa-haait a minute, I may know this intelligent fellow, also. If so, his spelling's improved.

This text to speech site is fun. I entered: "Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die," and chose Reiner's voice, which was appropriate, considering the rocky terrain. (It's even more fun if you're stoned.)

I haven't been following Rob Breszny, since he's on the mark about a year too late to be useful, but I like what he had to say as a New Year's greeting.

...my friend Jared has donated blood to a local blood bank 105 times. He volunteers as a big brother to fatherless kids and donates 20 percent of his salary to charity. Yet I've never once heard him ask anyone for help. Vanessa compulsively takes care of all her friends, bringing them home-cooked meals and thoughtful gifts whenever they're down. I know she suffers bouts of depression herself sometimes, but as far as I'm aware, no one brings her treats. Jared and Vanessa are going to be the poster children for my crusade to bring balance to your life in 2005. You simply must stop giving more than you receive; you've got to expand your capacity to accept assistance and blessings from other people.

Hey, I'm not THAT much of a do-gooder.

From that awe-inspiring, fear-inducing alternative publication, the Baltimore CityPaper, yet another gem by my favourite Animal, who is righteously indignant. Idealism is so adorable. The featured article is about Soldiers and Post Traumatic Stress Jeezus, killing them would be kinder.

On a lighter note, like me, Emily Flake has been finding nothing good at the resale shops, and Tim Kreider outdoes himself playing the part of Bebe Rebozo. Now I have to get a hard copy and paste it to my refrigerator. Like, the whole newspaper.

Especially those cheerfully non-judgemental 'heroin addicts wanted' notices.

(Substitute; The Who)

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