12 April, 2005

Naked Blogging

...who reads this, anyway? -- Cory

I really must remember to put on clothes before I come to the library.....

Do the citizens of this country suffer from a disorder? Is the American Spirit an illusion? Check out this story.

Once upon a time, a little girl watched 'Family Affair' (a title which currently has icky overtones, but then was innocuous) and said to her family, "Don't call me Julie. My name is Buffy," and literally would not answer to anything else. That little girl grew up, and after a stint as a stripper, a few trips to Japan, and a gig as the back end of SlinkyDog, can now be seen swirling high above the crowd.

Did anyone wonder what had become of the delicious diablo cody? She's back, blogging again (though without tantalizing naked pictures)right here.

I ride, topless, through my neighborhood, salsa wailing from my speakers, a gringa greaser wannabee. I don't understand one word in three, but I'm certain the kids aren't picking up filthy language from the lyrics.

And, in response to the irreverent query, I'm not sure, but I suspect mostly people who are hoping for a description of today's underwear.

Bashful the Dwarf, marked Thursday, size 5T.

Oh, did you want mine?

I'm naked, remember?

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