20 April, 2005

Spring Media

...lipstick cherry all over the lens as she's falling/ in miles of sharp blue water coming in ....

This is the nicest Spring I can remember. Usually, we have rain, wind, clouds, cold, nice day, rain wind cold cloudy, breezy, rainy, brisk, nice day, chilly cloudy, rain rain rain rain, Summer.

I pull the top off, and let the car sing to me, wind whistling a lovely minor note around my sideview mirrors. A mist of spraypainted buds adorns dark branches.

For a dollar, I buy Christopher Durang's BETTY'S SUMMER VACATION at Daedalus Books. It's very funny, darkly so. I forgot I liked Christopher Durang. It's also onstage, if you'd like to have a look.

Darkly funny also, (though most of the humor is not deliberate) is Sin City. It is spectacularly dreadful. If I hadn't had to listen to it, I might have enjoyed it more. Yes, graphic novel. Yes, stylistic choice. Yes, bluescreen. Yes, taken unadulterated from the books. Yes, gorgeous. No, really, really incredibly gorgeous. I loved looking at it. Especially the sequence starring a red Cadillac convertible with white leather bench seats. I had to adjust my damp panties. It was the dialogue that made me laugh while simultaneously making me want to slit my wrists. Yes, that bad. "It was like a bad Mickey Spillane novel," he says. Which implies that Mickey Spillane novels are good. Somebody please explain to me why I hated this, and love Death Race 2000.

Improving is CSI: Miami, which is starting to create some interesting shots and fiddle with camera angles, and has finally achieved the proper level of color saturation. Those of you who remember Miami Vice will know what I'm talking about.

Citypaper reviews my new favorite book, Blink. I wish Malcolm Gladwell could write faster, but he does such extensive research, I'm not sure how he could.

I guess I'll just hope he lives a long, long time.

(Girls On Film; Duran Duran)

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