31 October, 2006

Love Stinks

...ooh, ooh, that smell/ can't you smell that smell?....

"Zo, Zeabelle, you haf a vaterbed, and ve are sleeping downstairs? Vhen ve gonna get an invite?"

Well, Hilby, last time I checked, neither of you have the right equipment to be invited to my bed.

"Oh, you haf not heard ze rumors about my equipment, I guess. Zey are all true." He waggles his eyebrows. Martin, stuffing in eggs, remains silent.

No, no, Hilby- I've smelled you coming in from a long drive. I've smelled you after a hard, hot day of performing. I've smelled each of you fresh from the shower. Neither one of you ever has even the faintest hint of diesel about you.

Martin snickers.

"Zo, you turned on by diesel fumes, uh?"

It's a conditioned response.

(That Smell; Lynryd Skynrd)

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