13 October, 2006

Wake, Shower

...at night I wake up with the sheets soaking wet/a freight train running through the middle of my head....

A roll of sound like a fighter jet circling rumbles into my subconscious, tears a hole in the sky, rips me from sleep.

Soft patter of rain soon follows.

I touch the bed next to me: empty. This is no surprise. The surprise is how accustomed I have become to its emptiness.

I wonder for a moment if I've put the top up. Of course I have. Still, the rear window will leak. Ahhhhh.... I'll worry in the morning.

This explains the aching joints last night. If the weather clears, I'll wake limping again tomorrow, as I have for the past week. If the weather would make up its mind, I could walk normally. When I hurt before I've even left the bed, I'm unmotivated to leave it.

Well, fairly, MORE unmotivated.

But the sun is out now, which my morning limp predicted, and unless I miss my guess, it's Topless Weather today.

(I'm On Fire; Bruce Springsteen)

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