31 July, 2007

Monday List

...fame and fortune and everything that goes with it/ I thank you all/ but it's been no bed of roses/ no pleasure cruise....

Sky that melted into water with no seam
Unreasonably sized video screens
A bar that was empty when I walked into it
A near miss while driving
The inside of an automobile elevator
Dramatic streaks of lightning
A near miss as a passenger
Fabulous fog
An asshole on a riceburner, popping a wheelie
Half of Frost/Nixon
Attractive people
Cookie Monster walking down the street
A studly and polite police officer
Shoes that I did not covet
Vincent Price playing a prettyboy
A doodle of a villain on a paper tablecloth
A near miss as a pedestrian

(We Are the Champions; Queen)

It's Tuesday. I know. Shaddap.


Cybele said...

Remember that this is a guessing game. Answer given next week.

Michael said...

What is... things Cybele saw from her coffee shop that morning... or while on some kind of acid trip?

I'll take future Cybele hallucinations for $200, Alex.

Inanna said...

What is a stroll on the boardwalk?

Cybele said...

The correct question is :

What did Cybele see when she went to New York City?

Thank you, for playing, contestants. Your parting gifts are....

intellectual stimulation
creative visualization
and a two-week visit to wherever you already are.