06 September, 2007

More Delicious

...See the sky in front of you/ and her face is like a sail/ speck of white so fair and pale...

More narcissism follows; I suggest quite strongly that you cease viewing this post immediately.

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Out of the Box on the grounds, heading to the Wine Garden. (Mmm, wine.)

arm to the sky
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Huge flowers, small children, and a patron.

judging eyes
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Manoevering through the throng in the Engineering Nightmare.

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Observe the hugeness.

Again, major props to the photogs who visit Faire and shoot us, posting colorful carnage on Flickr. The Engineering Nightmare has been captured. Reactions welcome.

(She's A Rainbow; The Rolling Stones)

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Michael said...

Wow, you're tall.
But then, I always looked up to you.