10 September, 2007

Monday List

broken glass
torn Trojans box, empty
carved wooden staff
safety pins
slightly soiled washcloth
room service card
a single sock
year old Hustler magazine
a dirty diaper
Agatha Christie's Murder In Three Acts in Russian
nine pages of floor plans
white T-shirt, size large
a Google map to Georgetown
three phone numbers with no identifiers
mouse droppings
orange stuffed toy
two condom wrappers
loose plaster
catering director's business card
an empty envelope
chained doors
package of cotton balls
milk crates


Cybele said...

Things that were NOT for sale at the Watergate
Hotel liquidation.*

*I could have purchased the Agatha Christie, but since I don't read Russian...

Michael said...

Hustler and condom wrappers... Sounds like a busy weekend

Inanna said...

Hahahaha! I thought it was a night at the Faire after everyone left. You look so beautiful in the Faire pictures. I sure hope Nate and I can make it before it closes!!!