17 January, 2008

Provocative? Possibly.

...You can step outside your little world [step outside]/ you can talk to a pretty girl/ she's everything you dream about/ but don't fall in love....

People have put up their holiday decorations so early... pre-Thanksgiving, sometimes, that by the time the New Year rolls around, the houses look like so many high-dollar prostitutes past their prime, bows bleached pale and ragged at the edges, strands of lights askew and half dark, once-fluffy loops of garland loosened and trailing dispiritedly in the chilly breeze.

Our tree is yet standing, in all its artificial glory.

I've been absent from the virtual world, because I've been slammed in the real one. Plus I've found a new habit:

a philanthropic vocabulary game

which has been keeping me busy, and playing at Level 46, when I desperately wish to play at or above Level 48.

It's snowing here right now, which I like, but it's turning to rain as it gets dark, which I don't like, because our unplowed hill will turn into a sheet of ice. Maybe I'll play at a higher level once I learn all these words for snow.

The rest of this Wednesday's links are about beauty.

Here are some large-as-life beauties, and an article about retro beauty .

You can get your slice of that retro pie here at Atomic Cheesecake Studios.

Oh, and a shoe blog? Hello!

Of course, if you want shoes for snow, you might look here, or for a more traditional look, here.

Though they're hardly what I'd call beautiful.

(She's A Beauty; The Tubes)

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