20 February, 2008

Geographically Unspecific

...life's not pretty even though/ I've tried so hard to make it so/ mornings are such cold distress....

"I've gotta hit the road early, because it's going to snow."

Now, you know 'it's going to snow' doesn't mean anything to me.

He sighs, restrains himself -barely- from rolling his eyes.

"Sorry. It's going to snow HERE. Today."

Right. You should hit the road, then.

And, several hours later, it is snowing, today, right here in Baltimore.

Because, honestly, I don't much care if it's snowing (again) in Vermont.

(Snowblind; Styx)


Inanna said...

It snowed here, in WV, again, today. I'm not sure that matters though.

Cybele said...

Sure, it matters. Just not to me.