13 May, 2008

Light Headed

...What I’ve got you’ve got to give it to your daughter/ You do a little dance and then you drink a little water....

In this issue: Fluffy's debut with Do Or Die Productions, website currently under construction; Fuzzy's dance recital in which her mother is convinced that the child is in fact the most perfect creature at least within range of visibility; I am instructed to skip the Mandatory Family Gathering on Mother's Day and spend the day child-free getting a manicure and a cocktail; the weather in this and every other region gets weirder and weirder; the Primaries continue; some very small dogs are born at my mother's house, to much exhaultation and snorgling; the Questing Sniff is injured and manages to not maul my arm too badly as I assist him; television is sort of exciting again; I discover to my horror the price of tickets to the Preakness Stakes and decide that maybe I won't go this year even though the race might not be at Pimlico next year after all.

In other news, one pint and ten inches.

Given, not received.

In case you went elsewhere with that.

(Give It Away; Red Hot Chili Peppers)


Paul said...

My daughter has been doing Locks of Love for the past few years. It's a good excuse to cut her hair short for the summer, methinks.

The weather further inland and to your south hasn't been exactly kind, either- but at least the tornadoes went around us rather than hitting us.

In other news, the Lunatic Artist and I have started doing stained glass and may start incorporating it into furniture. We've already incorporated it into wooden light boxes.

Inanna said...

One pint and 10 inches... my mind didn't even go towards the gutter. There's something bound to be wrong with me.

Cybele said...

For the record, I wouldn't have MINDED being on the receiving end of a pint and ten inches.

Just sayin'.