24 April, 2016

Coffee Additive

....Alligator creepin round the corner of my cabin door...

Sometime in January:

She peers into her coffee cup, then looks around.

What are you looking for?

"Something to put in my coffee."

Like what?
She takes it black, no sugar.

"Like.... sweetener. Or.... an alligator."

I think she probably wants some chocolate syrup in her coffee. She's gotten a sweet tooth these past two years or so. I surreptitiously peek in her kitchen, but she seems to be out of chocolate syrup. I must remember to put that on her list of staples, along with Havarti cheese, bananas, bread, Bosc pears, sliced turkey breast, grapefruit, goat milk, graham crackers, bread, sweet potatoes and ice cream. She's not eating much, and cooking hardly at all. Remind me, and I'll talk about the Christmas Turkey Fiasco.

I joke with her about alligators often being acceptable substitutes for both coffee sweeteners and whiteners. She laughs, she drinks her coffee. Without sweetener.

Also without alligators.

Grateful Dead; Alligator

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