16 September, 2004

Hijinks Links

Or, What Is Everyone Up To?

The usual, mostly. Tim Kreider, cartoonist, is bleakly desolate about the election. Brian Morton, Political Animal, is bitingly critical of the firm grip held by this country's current administration. Sloth of Slothville is off to the Outer Banks for a two-week vacation. Brian McVicker, of Trapeze School, currently tops on my list of Cool People, is genuinely encouraging, and pushed Garrett just hard enough that today he finally "caught" his knee-hang, though it was Scout doing the catching. As we drove in past the Baltimore Museum of Industry, we saw townhomes with two balconies and a rooftop deck, and NO YARD to mow. Mama Iguana likes the idea. But the Townhomes at Harborview are likely way too chi-chi for the likes of us.

What else is on my mind? Well, Easter Island is. It's weird. And this genetically engineered cat. It's weirder.

Many thanks to Sachiko for finding the non-allergenic housepet. She’s a funny lady, Sachi, and has just moved to a different living space, where she has no furniture. But the space in her head is most densely furnished. She wrote a little rant about people who blog, get a published gig, and then stop blogging. I sympathize, Sachi-san.

Diablo Cody, of PussyRanch, has officially hung up her spangled thong, and her blogging keyboard. After less than a year of blogging, so has Belle de Jour, and since her blog has fulfilled its function, why not? Nothing official, but TJ’s Place seems to be a dead site now, but it also fulfilled its function, creating a vast blogring, which includes the aforementioned Sloth and (sorry; I apologize in advance for leaving some of you out) investment banker Jay, narcotics officer Jack, Innana, the sheeply Fleece, Canadian Lovisa, librarian Vader, Trashman, new daddy Gooch, chiropractic student Jethro, former birthday boy the Dastard, Ang, uber-mother Angi, the Dave, Jethro's wife Zelda, and too many others to list all in one post.

Don't send the bad fairy after me- I don't want a prick to make me sleep. Well, maybe I do, but not that kind.

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