24 September, 2004

Quotations, Chronologically.

...then there she was/ In platform double suede/ Yeah there she was/ Like disco lemonade....

You smell good, fresh, like clothes that have been hanging on the line. – Eve.

They’re lesbian wanna-bees. –Lisa.

It’s way too early in the morning for me to even parse that sentence. –Peter Gross.

I know it’s raining. Deal with it. –Carolyn Spedden.

I never knew rain would pop your bubbles like that! –Bill Wood.

You guys be careful. It’s awfully muddy for stilts. – assorted craftspeople.

I’m not superstitious. You can say ‘Good luck, Macbeth,’ and whistle. –Brian Morton.

We’re just entertaining each other, today. –Jim Greene.

I’m so glad you came! -Mich

You always were kind of ‘out there’. –Ruth Richardson.

My wife and I are involved in a group, and we put up little shows with a minimum of rehearsal, so we’re sort of keeping our feet on the boards without too much commitment. –Scott Neilson.

You’ve had enough reunion, haven’t you? –Kim Junkerman.

Pretty bad. Only twenty seven hundred people showed up. Well, it was a hurricane. –Tim Shaw.

You’re my friend, you’re my friend, you’re my friend, you’re my friend- friends, friends, one, two, three, all my friends are here with me! –The Kinderman.

I don’t think the patrons would mind even if you DID still have mustard on your nose. –Randy Dalmas.

I know! It IS like being blonde with big boobs, which is so funny, because neither of us are either of those! –Ginny Hess.

Not too bad, today. We had to park people outside the fence, so I’m guessing sixteen hundred. That’s pretty respectable. –Jules Smith.

So Spence is practicing these fart noises, and suddenly Peter stomps backstage in his straightjacket, and yells, ‘Cut it out, guys!’ Because, of course, Spencer’s mike was on. –John Davis.

G’bye, mimes. –Wyatt Jaster

Sit down. I’ll brush your hair for you. –Hawk.

Let’s go whichever way will take the longest. –Fluffy.

It couldn’t be a more perfect day for it. Best thing I ever bought. –random bald stranger in a Mustang convertible.

I’m not sure we’re going the right way. And now I’m sure we’re not going the right way. – me.

Yaaaah! Get away, Baygull! –Fuzzy.

Are you at the beach? You are! You’re at the beach! – Steven.

Yes, skydiving was fun. But this is a lot of fun, too. –Maura, twenty-three years old today.

The hard work is paying off, CJ caught her split, Garrett his kneehang, Cybelle her split, Tracy's swing is nearing perfection, while Minu's layout full was close enough for her to easily touch my face, so we'll just work on that arm position a bit. – Brian McVicker.

Thanks, Cyb. -The Prince.

(Sex and Candy; Marcy Playground.)

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