02 September, 2004

Wink, Wink Links

...Shoulder length, longer/ Here baby, there mama, Everywhere daddy daddy....

He says I have medieval hair, long and beautiful, so thick even in a braid. He says that’s what he thought the first time he saw it. (It, not me. I do note the difference.) With effort, I clamp down on my impulse to preen, but am internally delighted. Look, she’s got a little crush on her teacher. Isn’t that cute? Wanna meet him? Come to Trapeze School.

Speaking of crush, here’s Tim Kreider. But not his cartoon.

Did I say crush? I meant animal magnetism. Specifically, the Political Animal magnetism. He’s so magnetic. As well as magical. His double life, revealed.

And Tom Tomorrow's last frame sums up quite nicely why I feel that even Maryland will go for Bush. I'm crushed.

Three women who do not know me, but to whom I owe huge debts of gratitude:

Judith Martin, also known as Miss Manners, who answers myriad questions of etiquette, and once picketed the National Press Club pushing a baby carriage.

Paula Begoun, who checks out and debunks the inflated claims made by cosmetics companies about their ever more inscrutable products.

And Fly Lady, who encourages me and keeps me organized and tidy, insofar as anybody can.

Now I'm off to my third grocery store of the day. WHY can I not find tahini and nori at the same place? How about this: SuperShop of Foods That End In i, where I will find in addition to tahini and nori also sushi and spaghetti and pignoli and gnochi and blini and lichi and....

(Hair; lyrics by James Rado & Gerome Ragni)

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