13 December, 2005

Bio Feedback

...Sont les mots qui vont tres bien ensemble....

Update on The Book, which is written by a man with three first names, no last name. Perhaps his family couldn't afford one. Now I am not so much desperate to not finish as I am reluctant to continue. The library is going to love me, I'll owe them so much in overdue fines.

I've been asked to participate in a poetry reading, which may or may not mean that I need a bio. So once again, I find myself talking about me in the third person. Tell me what you think.

In addition to placing third in CityPaper's annual poetry contest in 2005 and receiving an MSAC award for her quartet of playlets View Thru Quarter Pane in 2003, Cybele Pomeroy, writing as Cybele Churches, won a prize for her poetry and performance art in French, not her native language. A Junior High School project was a filmed mock commercial, in which Ms. Pomeroy (nee Churches) invited the viewer to attend a (fake) school of poetry, L'Ecole des Poets, after reading a poem of her own composition. Her efforts were rewarded with a prize of a vinyl LP of songs in French, which she may still have. She's not sure. She doesn't remember. In fact, she doesn't remember much from her junior high years, as they occurred in the same temporal space as vinyl LP records. She does, however, remember the poem.

Je t'aime beaucoups
Quand tu marche la rue
Tu est ma vie
Femme de nuit
Les otres sont betes
Pour te laizer, Collette.
Tu n'est pas mechant
Mais je n'ais pas d'argent.

-Cybele Churches, circa 1980something.

Cybele resides in Baltimore city where she finds plenty of inspiration. Her poem City Plows, Broken Or Not, appears in the next edition of Scribble literary magazine.

(Michelle, The Beatles)

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el sid said...

ah... the beatles. they and talking heads are the only French i know. oh, and ballet terminology.