31 December, 2005

Happy Same'Ole.

...but if this ever changing world in which we live in /makes you give in and cry....

It's New Year's Eve, and somewhere, someone is about to do something incredibly stupid.

Therefore, I'm off to donate blood. Some asshole's gonna need it.

Actually, I'm mean enough to hope that my blood goes not to the asshole, but to the poor meekling the asshole hit with his veering vehicle, and that the asshole bleeds to death at the scene.

I'm realistic enough to know that this is probably not what will happen.

As for me, the blood I shed tonight will all be Zesty Mint Flavoured, and difficult to wash off. And my outfit? The stockings alone are to die for.

So to speak.

(Live And Let Die; Paul McCartney)

(Aside: I had always hoped that the lyric was 'this ever changing world in which we're living', instead of the actual grammatic awkwardness that appears above, but this seems to not be the case. The year's not even begun, yet filled with disappointment already.)


Paul said...

Heh. I did something quite stupid, but no one was injured by it. In fact, it was quite enjoyable- 2005 left with her and me wearing satisfied smiles. But it was still stupid of me to do.

In truth I was in bed by 10 and asleep by 11. But I had to get up at 5 this morning for work, so there was good reason for me to be a dullard.

Inanna said...

Happy New Year, cybele!