04 January, 2006

Better Late

...as I recall it ended far too soon....

New Year's Eve being second only to my birthday in terms of kissing opportunities, I kind of wish I had spent mine with more people. In fact, I was tickled and kissed by several husbands that were not mine, (plus one that was) and do not feel deprived, exactly, nor precisely shortchanged but perhaps as though I failed to maximize potential.

And yet, someone I missed kissing on New Year's Eve stepped close to me last evening, whispered, "Oh, and.....Happy New Year," and kissed me first.

Oh, ah; just like that, the New Year turns around.

As I blushed, I considered how many people I haven't seen since the year changed, and the possibility that each one of them now owes me a New Year's kiss.

You know who you are.

(December 1963 (Oh What A Night); Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons)


Inanna said...

That was arousing. And what a great idea... everyone owes me a kiss.

el sid said...


that was for the lovely limerick you left me.

you know, i saw that frankie valli song on a disco compilation once.

Cybele said...

And long distance kisses back at you, ladies.

Happy New Year, happy beading