30 January, 2006

Hello, back.

...are you gonna take me home tonight/all down beside that red firelight/are you gonna let it all hang out....

I walk FrankenDog, wind chapping my lips, hair tucked under what The Prince has dubbed my RastaHat. A black man slows his BMW to lean out the window and tell me, “YOU are BEAU-tiful.”

Now, I am accustomed to black guys (yes, it’s a Black Thing; white fellas are either less admiring or less verbal), even ones in Beamers, slowing down to make appreciative remarks out of windows. But this is different.

Dude was looking at my FACE.

(Fat Bottomed Girls; Queen)*

*I have been informed that this officially cannot be 'my' song. Maybe if it was spelt 'phat'?


Paul said...

Well, having only seen you in your mime outfit, I can't really comment. I can say that your butt isn't fat, but past that...

Meanwhile, check this out: http://www.netdisaster.com/go.php?mode=god&url=http://cybeleseyes.blogspot.com/

...and imagine if you could do that in real life.

Just sayin'.

Inanna said...

Ummmm, I have seen your picture and you don't have a fat bottom although it may be considered phat! And what's wrong with him admiring a pretty woman anyway, front or backside? ;-)

dantobindantobin said...

Are you going to make me click through the archives to find a picture or are you going to make this easy for us?

Cybele said...

Paul, as ever, thanks.

Nan, my performance partner Gigi and I describe our backsides as "fluffy white mimeass".

Dan, don't bother looking in the archieves for photos. There are none.

Picture of Mimi, my professional face:
and with my son onstage.
home.comcast.net/~riod/ mimi_the_mime_and_max.htm

dantobindantobin said...

My mime my...