17 February, 2006

February, Interrupted.

...What goes up/Must come down/Spinning wheel/Got to go around....

The forecast says sunny with temperatures approaching sixty. What else is there to do but go sledding?

The snow will all be gone by tomorrow. We should go to the park, see if there's any snow left on the sledslope, and if there is, use it all up.

The children agree that this is a fine idea, so we pack up Fluffy's Christmas snowboard and Fuzzy's Valentine's Day toboggan and head for the hill. Because all the other poor creatures have had to go to school today, it is entirely ours. The sun shines, and though there are a few bald spots poking through, the hill is slideworthy. We take turns with the vehicles, though after two wipeouts on the board, I beg off. Taking a tumble is one thing; snow up my back and down my gloves is quite another. The kids, puffy in their sodden snowsuits, invent a game. "You ride on the snowboard, and when you wipe out, I'll come down in the toboggan and rescue you." So after the wipeout, the boarder lies still in the snow until the tobogganer arrives, at which point rescuer, rescuee, and snowboard ride the rest of the way down the hill together in the toboggan.

It is warm enough that we stay for over an hour before heading home. I've enjoyed this pseudo-winter activity, but I will not mind at all sunbathing on my porch tomorrow.

No, not even a little.

(Spinning Wheel; Blood, Sweat & Tears)


Inanna said...

And I wouldn't mind having enough snow to have down my pants and up my shirt.

el sid said...

we're supposed to get snow this week, they say, which would be the first snow accumulation we've had here all winter. i just want enough for me to get a snow day, and for my doggie to play in for a while.