11 February, 2006

Not Coincidental

...it's a mystery, wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in bacon...mmmmmmm....

"Cyb, you’re soaked."

Yeah. Do you think I have time before rehearsal to go home and change?

"Sure, you’ve got plenty of time. You’ll freeze in the theater if you don’t get into something dry. How’d you get so wet?"

I was helping people park for RenFest auditions. Because of the rain, everything got messed around. And then some people’s cars got stuck, so I helped push them out. I’m wearing the wrong shoes, naturally.

"Why’d you have to do that?"

Actually, I volunteered.

"Why would you DO that?"

Well, J. was out there being in charge and telling people where to go, and so I helped, so I could be with him.

"Cyb, that’s crazy. Who is this guy to you?"

My ex-partner, and I love him. He won’t spend any time with me unless there’s a reason. So I took the opportunity to just be near him.

"Cyb, that’s crazy."


This is 2003. Recently, he’s brought the incident up twice in as many months, referring to J. as Parking Lot Guy. There must be something on his mind, but I’m not sure what.

He knows very well I’d stand out in the rain to be near him, too.

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