17 April, 2006

Holy Cows

...Peter merely said/ Any kind of love is alright/ But he made too many enemies....

"....today we celebrate Baby Jesus' being nailed to a chunk of wood for our sins, after which he was reincarnated as an egg, hidden by a rabbit beneath a tulip..."

After four glasses of wine apiece, my mother and I are very merry.

"I saw a bumper sticker I coveted. It said 'Born Again Pagan'."

If I've offended any staunch Christians, my apologies. But ask yourself: What Would Jesus Do?

If we believe canonical legend- and the recent discovery of the Gospel of Judas indicates that the Bible lies, at the very least by omission (though if there has ever been an agenda-free publication ever anywhere, I don't know about it)- then what Jesus would do seems to be less judging and more loving.

But what do I know; I'm a Buddhist who celebrates Passover.

(The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead; XTC)


Inanna said...

You must bring your Mom over for wine when we meet.

Paul said...

Nothing quite says Easter like having your kid vomiting up neon colored marshmallow Peeps.

I'm a pagan, but not born again- I think I did just fine the first time. Besides, if you're born again, do you have two navels?

Want to really piss off the Born Agains? Nail a stuffed bunny to a cross and label it as an Easter desecration. (No, not my idea, but it does give me a rather ghastly chuckle.)

Cybele said...

Nan- If Mother's at my house, there is wine. It's a rule.

Paul- I'm not usually into pissing anyone off on purpose. It just seems to happen accidentally.

Paul said...

Oh, I know that- but it's still a fun concept.

Actually, I do sometimes intentionally do things to piss people off if I think it will be helpful in the long run by getting either them or someone else to actually think. But that rarely happens, so mostly I just piss people off by being me. *laugh*

Anonymous said...

Oaul - I do like to piss people off intentionally. Especially certain people. So if you don't mind me stealing thye idea you repeated from somehwere else, I am definitely going to do that next easter...