22 April, 2006

Live Action

...famous people or the parties they throw/ Honey I ain't impressed with all the people you know...

Tonight I appear at the Chesapeake Arts Center with Death and Taxes. Show starts at 8 PM, no dinner included. Private gig for some corporate yobs at Wye River Conference Center on May 2. May 6 is the MWA Annual Conference, also at the Chesapeake Arts Center. MWA's Poetry Cafe is at the CAC on May 10th; Moira Egan will host.

This just in: May 11, I will be at the Coffee Beanery Cafe for the one-year anniversary of the Green Moon Poets' Society's monthly readings. Because all of the year's featured poets will be there, my reading will be limited, but I'll get at least a couple of shots at the mike. May 21, Do Or Die Productions returns to Whispers, our new venue, with Death Warmed Over. It's not quite as cheesy as their website makes it seem, and it's very easy to get to.The buffet looked pretty good, for a buffet.

Come out and see me! I'll wear a beret, or a wig, or a red carnation. Or maybe I'll call Janet and ask to borrow something of hers.

(The Way That You Love Me; Paula Abdul)

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Inanna said...

Wish I could be there and hope it went well!!