28 April, 2006

Good Question

...I want to fuck you like an animal/ I want to feel you from the inside....


OK I'm using and now selling this gas additive that increases miles per gallon, increases performance and decreases emissions.

(for me my minivan went from 15.something to 19.something; sometimes over 20..and when I don't use it in a tank..I go right back to where I was...)


Before I put a magnet on my car and show the world, I'm trying to ascertain what folks think..

enhanceMPG.com ; FhighGas.com

Out of the dozen possible urls these were the thought to be the simplist and most catchy....and surprise to me....nobody, nobody had issues with FhighGas.com!

Is that only because we are tired of high prices and corporate windfalls and executive parachutes? So the F is acceptable?

Or is it acceptable?



People are using language and (non) manners and (non)
punctuation in ways that I find completely repulsive.

Fhighgas is very mild, but I object on principle. If
you mean 'fuck high gas,' then SAY 'fuck high gas'.
Don't say 'f-word,' or 'effing'. Don't say 'a-hole'
when you mean 'asshole' or 'h-e-double toothpicks'
when you mean 'hell.' It's a language thing, it's my
specialty, and it's annoying.

And there are so many poor elderly neglected curses
just dying to be used. When's the last time you heard
'tarnation' or 'whippersnapper' or 'jumpin'
jehosephant' used in a sentence?

That's my soapbox, and I'm standing on it.

Well, you did ask.





You got OSHA-approved handrails on that soapbox?

(Closer; Nine Inch Nails)

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