22 July, 2006

Lightning Rod

...Sweet summer sweat/ Some dance to remember/ Some dance to forget...

I drive, skin slick with sweat and rainwater.

"There's water coming in your window. Doesn't that bother you?"

When it does, I'll roll up the window.

I enjoy a good storm- from my front porch, or other sheltered location. Or even out in it, on foot. I like to tip my face to the sky, feel droplets slide like cool fingers along my neck and shoulders and arms, trickle to tickle down my back, between my breasts. Driving in a downpour is less enjoyable. Pushing down the gut-clenching fear that something terrible will happen to my car, my precious Tanmobile, I dive into washout water, reaping grim delight in the plumes that fan out on either side.

Rain falling on the canvas top is entertaining, its plosive rhythm like that of popcorn, with a softer sound.

The sun returns presently; I am past the storm. It warms my skin, and I drive south, with the sweet flavor of someone else's smile in my mouth, sun gleaming on skin slick with sweat and rainwater.

(Hotel California; The Eagles)


Inanna said...

I do love me some Eagles and raindrops.

Michael said...

I wish it would rain here. I'd leave all my windows open just for the cool relief from the heat.

Cybele said...

Inanna, rain is fabulous. Unless it's in February, and then it's just miserable.

Mike, even when it rains here, the humidity is oppressive. Before the rain, during, and after. It's craaaaazy. But my skin looks really nice.