05 July, 2006

Three-sentence Summary

...I am a satellite I'm out of control/ I am a sex machine ready to reload/ Like an atom bomb about to oh oh oh oh oh explode...

Friday Night:

"If you want to start celebrating early, Desdemona, the Animal, Tiberius and I are all helping Sparky get loaded playing Spank the Monkey on Crackbox at Al's." I can't resist an offer like that, though I do not understand Crackbox, can't imagine Spank the Monkey and it turns out Al's isn't even called Al's anyway. Coco gives me a blue crayon, which, despite three purse changes, I'm still carrying, and then we dance to classic rock covers by Mood Swing, the sort of band that should've played your prom.


As the kids and I ride Metro downtown from Greenbelt Station, I see geese on the parking lot and deer behind the fence. The gig is gratifying in many ways, one of them financial. On the ride back, I watch a man who deserves his own post, and then do the bra thing in the car while the teenager beside me tries to look nonchalant.

Sunday Night:

Wearing one sparkly garment plus shoes, I am worthy of a posh venue, but we fail to close down Edgar's because Edgar's beat us to it and preemptively closed down before we arrived. Coco looks terrific in LBD (little black dress) and lavender sandals that match her hat, which she bought on a completely separate occasion. My shoes are wonderful to observe, and feel best waving in the air.


I recover from margaritas and foolish shoes lying on the sofa with throbbing feet propped on a pillow. As Tiberius says, it's kind of lovely to reach this age and suddenly discover a special new favorite. Most people have been enjoying margaritas for years.

Tuesday Night:

It turns out that we don't have to leave our front porch to see a fireworks display. Every gangsta in my hood has visited the parking lot kiosk and gleefully lights armload after armload of explosives. If there was gunfire, no one could hear it.


Which brings us to now. As we learned in theatre class, 'now' is a moment, and in this now moment, there is currently nothing happening. But a moment from now will be a new now moment, in which infinite fabulous things are possible.

(Don't Stop Me Now; Queen)

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