10 September, 2006

Ahem. Hello?

...I am not interested in poetry/ Poetry's another word for love....

I was Featured Poet at the Pour House Cafe last night.

I didn't mind rushing to leave the faire, since I hadn't had the best day, and it had started to rain anyway.

I didn't mind racing through laundry and a shower because I can be quick.

I didn't mind driving thirty-five miles, since I had good directions, traffic was light, and I found rock star parking in front of the venue.

I didn't mind that no one showed up for the poetry reading but me and the organizer, because these things happen sometimes and I got paid anyway, plus free food and coffee.

But when the organizer insisted that I use the mike to read my poems to nobody but her, that was when the evening became Officially Pretty Damn Stupid.

(I Am Not Interested In Love; Two Gentlemen of Verona; MacDermot & Guare)


Jon Busey-Hunt said...

Oh, man, Cyb, I've PLAYED SHOWS LIKE THAT. We did a show one VERY blizzardy winters day to a grand total of my wife and the bartender.

Its like -- why play? And yet, you almost feel as if you must.

Cybele said...

I know- it's funny, and pitiful, and now we've got wacked stories to tell. But oh, performers without audience; is there a more woeful thing??

Michael said...

I used to do stand-up comedy at coffee shops and bars... eventually I'll write in more detail about this... but sometimes I wound up doing the same thing -- telling jokes to one person -- the person running the venue.

Congratulations nonetheless.

inanna said...

Hey, a one person audience is still an audience and at least you're being asked to read your poetry, you could be me instead.

Cattiva said...

Hmmm. You got paid, got free food and coffee?

Sounds like a good night to me. Perhaps she wanted to give you a chance to practice, or she felt bad.