08 September, 2006

Physically Here.....

....We were at the beach/ Everybody had matching towels....

Well, when she's ready to sell, let us know. We've been wanting a place at the beach.

"You mean YOU've been wanting a place at the beach, don't you?"

No, Mr. Wiseass Rudeypants, that's not what I mean.

Your father wants a place at the beach, too. You know why? Because he knows it would make your mother insanely happy. See how that works?

"Uh....not really."

Well, you've got time to figure it out, I guess.

In any case......

Ocean City Beach Vacation! Next Week! Yeeeeehawwww!

(excited? me? what makes you think so?)

(Rock Lobster; The B-52s)


Jon Busey-Hunt said...

You have GOT to love beach vacation. SWEET.

If the weather holds, that is, hrumph hrumph! Ah, me, ever the pessimist.

Brighton said...

I want to go tooooooo! (said in best three year old whiney voice)

Cybele said...

Jon, thanks for that vote of confidence for clear, sunny, eighty degree weather.

Brighton, come on down! It's only umptybillion miles from you!